Location: United States, California, Sonoma County  ITA

Eric and his father Chris planted their first vineyards in Anderson Valley in 1982. Not to long after, Demuth produced his first estate wines. Since then he has been focused on creating high quality “Euro-Centric” wines from Sonoma and Mendocino Valley. Eric concentrates on small-lot, single vineyard production of some of the most sought after grapes in Sonoma County. These small-lots allow them to work their dedicated rows to a degree of detail otherwise impossible. Eric and his team physically handle every grape cluster that comes in, while tasting grapes from every singe vine to ensure quality levels are up to standard, eliminating any that are not.

As for the vinification process, the reds are all done in a consistent manner. The majority of the fruit is crushed and destemmed, however, they retain a variable smaller portion of grapes that are incorporated into the must as whole clusters. The wines then go through multiple small fermentations on native yeasts, which are all unique, and enhance the complexity and dynamism of the finished product. Finally the grapes are pressed into French oak barrels that will typically average 50-70% ‘new’ oak. The Cabernets will remain in barrel 22-23 months, during which time they are minimally gravity racked.

Eric’s minimalist approach allows each wine to show a true expression of terroir, each with their own unique personality demonstrating the unique character of the vineyards they are sourced from. Readers looking for pure, natural and classically made wine from California should not think twice about seeking out these outstanding wines from Eric Demuth.

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2011 ERIC DEMUTH Cabernet Sauvignon ‘RØD’ 2011 94 See Tasting Notes
2011 ERIC DEMUTH Cabernet Sauvignon, Bei Ranch 93 See Tasting Notes
2011 ERIC DEMUTH Cabernet Sauvignon, Clajeux Vineyard 2011 93+ See Tasting Notes
2011 ERIC DEMUTH Cabernet Sauvignon, Mountain Terraces Vineyard 94 See Tasting Notes
2012 ERIC DEMUTH Chardonnay, Anderson Valley 93 See Tasting Notes
2011 ERIC DEMUTH Pinot Noir, Russian River Valley 2011 92 See Tasting Notes
2012 ERIC DEMUTH Syrah, Bei Ranch 2012 90 See Tasting Notes